Automatic Loan Provider for Health Research (ALPHR)
A crypto asset that saves human lives in the real world.
This revolutionary token is already being used by medical centers and health institutions from more than 70 countries, to help them get instant money loans to fund their research, which include the cure for diseases and conditions such as Cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer, Parkinson, and many other physical/mental illnesses. By purchasing ALPHR, you are directly helping the maintenance of a Loan System that, one of these days, will probably save somebody you know, or maybe even yourself. Here at ALPHR, we are proud to say that we literally use crypto to save lives in the real world. Buy ALPHR at GATE.IO and help this beautiful project to grow.

History & Roadmap

Before we show you our very successful Roadmap, it's important to introduce ourselves. We are ALPHR, an Automatic Loan Provider for Health Research. We started off in 2021, with the name Alphr Finance. Back then, we were focused on developing a technology named "Mirror Trading", that today is much more popular. Currently, it is quite easy to find tokens to help you with Copy Trading and also with Automated Mirror Pools, so we consider that the 1st step of our Mission was outstandingly accomplished. After helping thousands of people around the world to get wealthier by using our Mirror Trading system, we felt like it was the perfect time for us to go to the main step of our plans. So we gathered all of the funds generated by the fees we collected from our former services in the Mirror Trading market, and we invested 100% of these funds on our main focus: Health Research development.During the pandemic (in 2020 and 2021), almost everybody has lost a few beloved ones (parents, relatives, friends, etc.). And that was the exact moment when we realized how important it is to really help medical centers and health institutions grow their budgets for internal research. Back in 2021, when we first launched ALPHR, people didn't know, but those letters were already carefully set to mean what they currently mean. Yes, we chose the name "Automatic Loan Provider for Health Research" before we even started in the Mirror Trading. Fortunately, we were lucky and professional enough to get to the point where we are now, therefore helping so many laboratories and hospitals enhance their standards to take proper care of people who suffer from Cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer, Parkinson, as well as other illnesses.-----------------------------------Here's our Roadmap so far:
(everything is 100% concluded)
Year 2021
1 - Work on Automated Mirror Trading (AMT)
2 - Properly develop our AMT technology
3 - Launch ALPHR as a Crypto Token
4 - Get ALPHR audited (approved) by Hacken
5 - Heavily invest in Marketing
6 - Publish ALPHR on CoinMarketCap
7 - Establish strategic partnerships
8 - Publish ALPHR on CoinGecko
9 - Get listed on Exchange
10 - Have the press talking about us
11 - Generate 100X profit to ALPHR holders
12 - Announce our temporary pause
13 - Erase our AMT-related web content
Year 2022
1 - Delete our old website (
2 - Start working on our rebranding process
3 - Talk to laboratories and hospitals
4 - Establish partnerships on Healthcare
5 - Get closer to key-names in this field
6 - Begin programming our Loan System
Year 2023
1 - Launch the Beta version to our partners
2 - Wait for their feedbacks on our Beta
3 - Speak with them about improvements
4 - Keep updating and improving our Beta
5 - Turn our Beta App into our Main App
6 - Allow our partners to use the Main App
7 - Have final meetings to collect feedback
8 - Release ALPHR App onto Health Research
9 - 100K human lives helped by ALPHR
10 - 2K Healthcare companies using ALPHR
11 - Businesses using our App in 50 countries
Year 2024
1 - Publish our new website (
2 - Use "" to mirror our website
3 - Launch our new Twitter & Instagram
4 - Not use any other social media or forum
5 - Regularly publish on Twitter & Instagram
6 - Talk to our community exclusively there
7 - Tell our community that we are back
8 - 300K human lives helped by ALPHR
9 - 5K Healthcare companies using ALPHR
10 - Businesses using our App in 75 countries
11 - Again, heavily invest in Marketing
12 - Develop our Smart Staking™ system
13 - Create ALPHR Airdrops program
14 - Update everybody about our Roadmap
-----------------------------------Now, here's our Roadmap for the Future:
(activities yet to be accomplished)
Year 2024
1 - Get our community to be even bigger
2 - List ALPHR on another "Tier A" exchange
3 - 500K human lives helped by ALPHR
4 - 10K Healthcare companies using ALPHR
5 - ALPHR Token = 2.70 US Dollar (each)
Year 2025
1 - Biggest health-related Token in the World
2 - One Million human lives helped by ALPHR
3 - 25K Healthcare companies using ALPHR
4 - Businesses using our App in 100 countries
5 - Distribute Airdrops in ALPHR to Holders
6 - Pay 125% Profit to our Staking Investors
(this profit will be paid in ALPHR Tokens)
7 - ALPHR Token = 515.00 US Dollars (each)
Year 2026
(to be announced)
-----------------------------------DISCLAIMER: Our price predictions for each unit of ALPHR Token are based on professional math and AI algorithms. However, investing is not an exact science, so every scenery is possible, including both lower and higher prices, when compared to the predictions above.

Smart Staking™

Smart Staking™ is ALPHR's exclusive technology focused on naturally growing funds (in ALPHR Token) for its holders and investors, by using the most advanced financial algorithms combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate a bulletproof staking system that is completely unique.How to Join our Smart Staking™
(and enjoy 125% Profit in ALPHR per year)
1 - Go to Crypto Exchange
2 - Create an Account (if you don't have one)
3 - Visit ALPHR's Trading Page on
4 - Buy at least 5,000 (5K) ALPHR Token
5 - Withdraw your ALPHR funds to this wallet:
(copy and paste the wallet address above)
6 - Choose "ETH/ERC20" as the Network
7 - Once sent, your ALPHR funds are Staking
8 - After 1 year, you will profit 125% in ALPHR
EXAMPLE: If you deposit 20K ALPHR, you'll receive 45K ALPHR in your wallet after 1 year.IMPORTANT: Every new deposit to the Smart Staking™ should be of at least 5,000 (5K) ALPHR Tokens, even if your wallet had already sent funds earlier. Additional deposits (of 5K ALPHR or more) will also be paid with 125% Profit included and, of course, exactly 1 year after the date of deposit. If you made deposits on different dates, you'll receive profits on different dates too (always exactly 1 year after each deposit).NOTE: Deposits below 5,000 (5K) ALPHR Tokens will be ignored by the Smart Staking™ system, and will not be given back. So please make sure to always deposit 5,000 (5K) ALPHR Tokens or more. Otherwise, your funds will be lost forever.

Alphr Airdrops

ALPHR Airdrops is a program where you benefit from interacting with ALPHR in certain ways. The prizes will be distributed between November and December 2025 to everybody who interacts with ALPHR at any point of 2024 by following the instructions below.1 - Go to Crypto Exchange
2 - Create an Account (if you don't have one)
3 - Visit ALPHR's Trading Page on
4 - Buy ANY AMOUNT of ALPHR Tokens
5 - That's it. You're now eligible!
The more ALPHR Tokens you buy, the more airdrops you'll receive by the end of 2025 directly to the same wallet or account you used for those purchases.Joining our Smart Staking™ is another action that makes you automatically eligible for ALPHR Airdrops. And, again: The more ALPHR Tokens you add to Smart Staking™, the more airdrops you'll receive by the end of 2025. In this case, you would also receive 125% profit per year from the Smart Staking™ (in addition to your ALPHR Airdrops profit).